How to get free instagram followers Hack

If you a fan of social media you probably have account on Instagram. You can have account on Instagram even if you have account on Facebook. I think is better way to have more than one account on social media.

Free Instagram followers

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As you know, Instagram is the base fundament in front of Facebook of the social media services. So, if you want to be the best on the digital social world you need to keep your shining start lights up!

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Free Instagram followers
How to get instagram followers

How to get instagram followers

Your basic questions is how to get followers on Instagram. Today I try help you with it. Below you find a few tips how do it.

  1. You should personalize your profile. You must remember about filling up your profile on Instagram. You need add a photo and short info about you. Why? Because people like know who they follow.
  2. Remember about high quality photos. Why? Because people like beauty photos. If you use photos made by using smartphone don’t forget about using a filters on your camera and others aps for photos.
  3. Publish only one type of photos. If you want show everyone what are you doing every day, show it. If you want promote your company- show only photos connect with your company.
  4. You must be active! Why? Because when you don’t publish your photos your how to get Instagram followers can forget about you. You must like and comment popular hashtags. Why? Because when you comment people see that and maybe they will follow also you.
  5. Use hashtags. Hashtags is basic things. Use popular and not popular hashtags. Why? Because people like hashtags.
  6. If you have your website don’t forget put info about your Instagram account on website. You can also write on your Facebook account that you have also account on Instagram.
  7. You can organize contests. People love winning and they love prize!
  8. You should work with others on Instagram. You can use Shoutout. How it works? You publish on your profile photo from another profile with info: @anotherperson . In exchange this person make this same on his profile. Easy, wright?
instagram followers hack

Instagram Followers Hack

Sometimes I think what I do great and how I made it. One on great things in my account on Instagram. Now I have almost 500 000 followers and I feel like superstar. Why? Because I do what I love. I make photos. I share with my followers my life. I show them my every day. What I do, where I am. I show my emotions. When I am happy and when I cry. This is story of my life. Why they like watch me? I don’t know. I can only guess. And I guess they like watch me because I am real. I don’t use a super camera. I have only ma smartphone. I don’t remodel photos. I don’t buy an expensive things and talk big how I have great things. Why? Because this is not me. I only want show everyone how beautiful life can be and Instagram give me this opportunity.

When I start publish on Instagram I was thinking about a few dozen followers by Instagram Followers hack. I was think that I will show a few photos a week and this will be all. I was thinking that my life is boring and nobody want to watch what I publish. I was so wrong. I still can’t imagine why people follow my account? This a big mystery for me but I am really happy because of this. It shows that not only superstars can show theirs life on high standard. Normal people can also be on top when they show a true story of hers life. This is my opinion. Till today I publish over 2000 photos. You can ask how. Answer is easy. I publish 3-5 photos each day. I do it over one year. It is possible but you must believe in yourself. People want watch a true story, not plastic Barbie. You don’t have to perfect how other people think. You are perfect no matter what. You must remember about it and you must have a faith in yourself!

But i can’t get anything without this website with safe and creative Instagram followers hack!

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